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Connect with thousands of prospective customers

Grow your business at the Polymer Testing World Expo 2020, Cleveland, Ohio.

This is an exciting new exhibition brought to you by AMI, the leading global organiser of events for the plastics industry.

This two-day exhibition, co-located with Compounding World Expo, Plastics Recycling World Expo, and Plastics Extrusion World Expo, presents a unique opportunity to meet over 4000+ potential business partners and customers. 


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Products and services

Products and services covered at the exhibition include:

  • Mechanical testing equipment
  • Chemical analysis systems
  • Systems for analysing flow properties
  • Colour and appearance testing equipment
  • Fire and smoke testing systems
  • Polymer identification systems
  • Inspection identification systems
  • Weatherability testing systems
  • Other systems for testing specific polymer properties
  • Sample preparation equipment
  • Laboratory software
  • Independent testing services
  • Research and development services



Netzsch Instruments North America LLC
Stand - D204

NETZSCH Instruments offers highly sensitive, versatile, and reliable Thermal Analysis Instrumentation for material characterization and the study of properties including specific heat capacity, enthalpy, weight change, Young’s modulus, conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and evolved gas analysis.  With Netzsch Instruments you can systematically analyze the physical and chemical properties of any material change under the influence of temperature by applying specified variations in temperature, atmosphere, and pressure.  Our versatile instrument lines provide industry standard and customizable methods applicable to R&D, Manufacturing, quality control, process control, process safety, and failure mode analysis.

Let NETZSCH open up a whole new perspective on the materials in your world.

7 reasons why you should exhibit:


  1. Meet targeted prospect customers at this focused event for the international polymer testing industry
  2. 28% of visitors to Compounding World Expo and Plastics Recycling World Expo in 2018 had Research & Development as their main area of responsibility, which is over 1000 people
  3. Connect with new and existing customers in a cost-effective and time-efficient way
  4. Raise your company profile and generate new sales leads and orders
  5. Present your latest product developments face-to-face in a live environment
  6. Be part of an extensive promotional campaign through Compounding World Magazine, Plastics Recycling World Magazine, Film and Sheet Extrusion Magazine and Pipe and Profile Extrusion Magazine.
  7. Get more visibility with a free catalogue and exhibition preview entry
  8. Great exhibition experience with the modern exhibition facilities, with excellent transport connections and parking





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