LAUDA Brinkmann
Stand - D1329

LAUDA Scientific is your partner for measuring instruments for determining the viscosity of polymer solutions, optical contact angle measuring instruments for measuring the free surface energy and the wetting behavior, and classical tensiometers for determining the surface and interfacial tension of oils and surfactants.

LAUDA-Brinkmann is the North American sales and technical service subsidiary for LAUDA. With physical offices located in New Jersey and California, we are positioned to support our important customers and their critical work involving LAUDA temperature control units. We seek to improve the world together with precise temperatures, supporting our customers with expert consulting and innovative temperature control solutions.

Backed by LAUDA’s over 65 years of excellence, LAUDA-Brinkmann brings to market industry leading constant temperature equipment and systems, and highly precise measuring instruments, used in a broad range of research, development, and production capacities. Our teams' unmatched technical expertise, developed over decades of experience in a variety of sectors, enables us to deeply comprehend customer applications and provide customized solutions that precisely fit their needs. LAUDA’s products provide precise temperature control from –150°C to 550°C with up to 365kW of cooling capacity with state-of-the-art network capabilities and intuitive operation. The LAUDA product portfolio includes static water baths, low and high temperature circulators, lab-scale and industrial circulation chillers, industrial heating and cooling systems, automated solution viscosity and surface tension measurement instruments.