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Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments materials analysis solutions deliver fast accurate materials characterization from macro to nanoscale. Our instrumentation combines superior detection and analysis with software that interprets the results in the context of your research. Our innovative expertise and key-enabling technologies will empower you to accelerate R&D and increase productivity. Our solutions for polymer research applications include:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

We manufacture benchtop NMR instruments for the polymer industry, for research and development through to quality assurance during processing, and quality control of the finished product. Our MQC+ analyzers provide a rapid and solvent-free alternative to wet chemistry methods to measure polymer additives and impurities. X-Pulse, a high-resolution, broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer enables chemical characterization to support synthesis and also provides quantitative properties analysis. Our TD-NMR MQR system measures molecular mobility and diffusion, to examine the microstructure of samples.

Chemical Imaging with Raman

Visualize the molecular composition of samples in 2D and 3D with the highest speed, sensitivity, and resolution. In the case of polymers, Raman provides detailed insight into chemical properties, both by characterizing the distribution of sample components and by looking at polymerization processes over time. Raman imaging can also be used to find, quantify, and identify large numbers of polymer microparticles in environmental samples. WITec alpha300 Raman microscopes can seamlessly integrate AFM or SEM, for correlative investigations of chemical and structural properties. Their inherent modularity enables configurations that precisely match your requirements and can evolve along with your research.