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Oxford Instruments offers solutions for the polymer industry that will enable you to achieve your goals, including benchtop NMR, imaging systems and atomic force microscopes.

We manufacture benchtop NMR instruments for the polymer industry, for research and development through to quality assurance during processing, and finally quality control of the finished product.

Our MQC+ benchtop NMR analyzers provide a rapid and solvent-free alternative to wet chemistry methods to measure polymer additives and impurities, for example, plasticiser in PVC and xylene solubles in polypropylene.

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy enables chemical characterization of materials as well as quantitative analysis. The spectrum, or chemical ‘fingerprint’, can also be used to distinguish between polymers of similar composition and identify the composition of mixtures of known chemicals. X-Pulse, our high-resolution, broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer provides polymer chemists with the means to define these measurements using chemometric and other tools.

R&D scientists require a flexible instrument which allows them to study materials at every stage of production from the raw materials to the final product. MQR is a high-performance Time Domain-NMR (TD-NMR) system used to measure molecular mobility and diffusion, to examine the microstructure of samples. Samples can be measured across a range of temperatures, which is essential for polymer research.

Our WITec imaging systems enable comprehensive sample analysis that provides a thorough characterization of the physical and chemical properties of polymers on the nanometer scale.

Our wide range of AFM techniques available from Asylum Research allows for the study of diverse polymer properties ranging from molecular chain arrangement in crystallites to domain modulus and conductivity.

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