Stand - D1529

Q-Lab Corporation is a leader in weathering and corrosion test chambers and services, with a global support network unmatched in the industry. We provide reliable and affordable test solutions that help thousands of companies around the world ensure outdoor durability or lightfastness of their products in applications ranging from automotive, aerospace, and building materials to consumer goods, textiles, and cosmetics.

The QUV accelerated weathering tester is the world’s most widely used weathering chamber and has been a mainstay in the coatings and plastics industries for decades. The Q-SUN xenon arc test chamber is the most affordable in its class while providing the most accurate match to the full sunlight spectrum along with precise temperature and humidity control for testing degradation of critical appearance properties. The Q-FOG cyclic corrosion tester is widely considered the industry’s most reliable salt spray chamber with advanced climatic controls for automotive and other demanding applications.

Q-Lab also a leading provider of contract laboratory and outdoor test services, including the world’s largest weathering test site in south Florida. Founded in 1956, Q-Lab is headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio, USA and has sales and technical centers in the UK, Germany, and China