Farrel Pomini to feature Compounding Tower and Synergy™ Control System Demonstration on booth A431

The Compounding World Expo 2019 team are delighted to welcome FARREL POMINI to booth A431 where they will feature:

  • A Compounding Tower and Synergy™ Control System Demonstration
  • An augmented reality walk through a Compact Processor
  • On May 8, 4:10 pm, Theater One, they are presenting, “Compounding Case Studies:  Using Continuous Mixers for the Efficient Processing of PVC, HFFR and PLA Compounds”

About FARREL POMINI: The company is a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of compounding systems with proven expertise in the flame retardant compounds, PVC, masterbatch, biopolymers, flooring compound and petrochemical industries.

In addition to a full range of compounding equipment, FARREL POMINI offers comprehensive aftermarket services including, spare parts and remanufacturing, technical service as well as project engineering solutions.

Farrel Corporation’s headquarters is the United States and is part of the HF Mixing Group located in Freudenberg, Germany.

Farrel Corporation
One Farrel Boulevard
Ansonia, Connecticut
06401-1256 USA
Phone: +1 203 736 5500
Fax: +1 203 736 5580