MAAG Group Launches Advanced Centrifugal Dryer

MAAG Group, part of Dover (NYSE: DOV), announced the introduction of the eXsoTM centrifugal dryer, which now includes new features that add value and improved performance for drying underwater and wet cut strand pellets. Centrifugal dryers are commonly used in the virgin polymer, compounding, and recycling industries to remove cooling water from plastic pellets during the production and package preparation processes.

The innovative design of the eXso dryer includes new features and enhancements that were developed to increase reliability, reduce changeover time and improve product quality. A defining feature is its 3-door housing, which allows greater access and visibility to the interior of the unit. This allows for faster and more effective cleaning and lowers the risk of cross-contamination.

“With eXso, we are delivering even more value to our customers,” said Martin Baumann, Vice President and General Manager at MAAG Group. “Its advanced design enables our customers to dry at higher rates while using 23% less floor space and reduces the risk of contamination and scrap.”

“eXso was developed to meet the evolving requirements of our customers,” added Alisha Konst, Research and Development Manager at MAAG Group. “Our team was focused on improving all aspects of our legacy dryers based on customer feedback. Hundreds of hours were spent validating the design and performance to ensure eXso exceeds the expectations of our customers, even those with demanding applications.”

eXso dryers are ideal for compounders and recyclers who require a pellet drying step prior to packaging. eXso dryers have been tested and validated for rates up to 8,200 kg/hr.

MAAG Group will be exhibiting at Compounding World Expo in Cleveland this November.