SI Group launches new brand for plastics recycling

SI Group, a leading global developer and manufacturer of performance additives, process solutions, pharmaceuticals, and chemical intermediates, unveiled its Evercycle™ additives platform for plastics recycling.

SI Group's Evercycle™ additives brand is a new platform of products that support a more circular economy based on resource conservation, enhanced recycling, and innovative technologies. For PET recycling and converting, Evercycle™ products offer process stability, color control, and reduced acetaldehyde levels. For polyolefin recycling, benefits include process stabilization and performance enhancement, enabling increased recycled content. Products announced today include:

• Evercycle™ PET-102D for color control in PET bottles, trays, and fibers (pellet) 
• Evercycle™ PET-103D for color control in PET bottles, trays, and fibers (liquid) 
• Evercycle™ PP-101S for stabilization in HDPE and PP flexible packaging 

• Evercycle™ LD-101S for stabilization in LDPE rigid packaging

SI Group is proud to take part in the plastics industry's drive to improve recycling technologies. Consumer brands are looking to increase the amount of recycled content and enable multiple uses of their products to increase sustainability of their products. Evercycle™ products are designed to help address both challenges. “Our formulated additive solutions advance the transition to a more circular economy by enabling more plastics to be recycled back into the economy. This will result in a more sustainable industry and create greater societal and economic benefit for all,” said Irfaan Foster, Market Development Director at SI Group. 

The Evercycle™ additive platform is the latest milestone in SI Group’s sustainability journey. “We continue to invest in innovation, driving forward our capabilities and expertise, to bring more sustainable solutions like Evercycle™ additives to the market. Sustainability is critically important to our employees, customers and business partners, and these products demonstrate our ability to support customers in the transition to a circular economy,” said Joey Gullion, Chief Commercial Officer at SI Group.